Prizm Technology Company :: The first internationally accredited in the sale and trade of detection devices and exploration of gold, metals, burials and underground water
For more than ten years Prizm Technology worked as a globally accredited and exclusive sellers of the finest products of detection and exploration of gold, metals and underground as we have strong relationships with the world's largest factories

Gold step

The modern device , with double systems to detect gold and burials to a depth of 30 meters and 1000 meters as long distance , Made in USA with 3 years warranty


Modern technology for gold and metal detecting. Newest and simplest gold device with a direct 3D imaging system. detects to 8m depth with accurate results.

Royal Basic

Discover gold and treasures through the best imaging device underground , with direct 3D image with accurate finding the depth, shape and type to 18 meters as depth

BR 800 P

The Latest US device to detect gold, treasures, gems , burials and groundwater to a depth of 50 meters and 2000 meters as long distance , Made in USA with 3 warranty

BR 50 GS

This device is the most device that was taken to Africa. Specialist detects golden treasures and silver to 10 meters as depth and 500 meters as long distance , Get it now at the best prices

BR 100 T

The best to detect golden treasures, metals and voids to a depth of 20 meters and 1000 meters as long distance, Made in USA , get it now with a two years warranty

GPX 5000

This device is specialized to reveal gold and depths of up to 3 meters with best specifications and features ever. Get it now with two searching coils at the best price

GPX 4500

A specialist device to detect all kinds of gold with the subtle distinctions between them also is easy to use to depths of up to 2 meters. Get the original now with two years warranty

BR 700 Pro

Discover underground water and artesian wells now by the latest geophysicist device in the world for 2016 and to a depth of 700 meters with the best technology to identify type water

Fors gold

This is a Specialized device for the detection of gold nuggets and veins, you can adjust the sensitivity to pick up very small pieces of gold nugget . It can reach to two meters as depth

SDC 2300

This device is a high-performance detector and very ideal to explore small pieces of gold with a weight of at least one gram and above ground and underwater to 3 meters depth

Garrett AT Gold

Modern and sophisticated device made in USA specialist to detect all kinds of gold nugget in addition to ease of use get it now at the best price with two years guarantee

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